Just a few comments from European directors & critics

This is the most luscious, amazing, startling, short film festival -enter your short films!(https://filmfreeway.com/thessfest)
Morag Brownlie ❤ from New Zealand

-“TiSFF is a reference point in terms of film selection, one of the most radical yet lyrical film festivals globally.”

-“One of the most radical yet lyrical film festivals globally.”

-“TiSFF’s curating is ICONIC !..following you for years.”

-“Brilliant, great kudos for a wonderful innovative festival.”

-“A daring, risk-taking, boundary-pushing curating!”

-“Selection of films was second to none, incredible films.”

-“Thank you very much team of the HIGHLY SUBVERSIVE TiSFF festival.”

Prof. A. Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos * Univ. of Westminster:
My short review for perhaps the most exciting short film festival:

“What is is about TiSFF that sets it apart from other short film festivals around the world? I have a feeling it is down to two things:
First, a daring, risk-taking, boundary-pushing curating that discovers new and showcases established film artists, all of whom precipitate the collapse of social prejudices and prefabricated notions of what the body, the city, gender, emotions, future or even art is. And second, because it takes place in this surprisingly edgy and experimental city of Thessaloniki – one of Europe’s best kept secrets – fleshing out its radical heart with a rare pride of place.”

Over 30 shorts screened at TiSFF have reached prestigious festival as nominees and winners, CEZAR, OSCARS, EFA awards.